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DRONE Cinematography

So I purchased a drone over the summer. The Mavic Air 2s is an absolute beast!

With my new drone I have only taken it on one commissioned shoot which was the opening shot to my recent wedding film. (Check out the Wedding Film Here) However I have been practicing using the drone in a more cinematic way creating YouTube Content, as well as Instagram Reels. My latest Reel you can watch below.

This was actually a mini cut of a longer video I made for YouTube. I shot the whole thing in HLG color profile which allows for a better dynamic range, but easier to color grade (as I am still trying to learn Davinci Resolve) I think the video came out pretty great!

I took these videos at the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge in Shirley, NY. I made sure to check FAA regulations before flying as this is a protected nature preserve. But I was good to go!

I continue to better my craft, and utilizing a drone to enhance my videos is going to become common practice going forward!

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Leave a comment below.

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