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Fight Night Photography!

Last Weekend I had the pleasure of working with Strong Island Fights to capture their title fight night at Stereo Garden LI.

What an incredible expierence, and a HUGE congratulations to all the fighters who put up an amazing battle.

This was the first fight I ever covered, and I have to say I was pretty confident going in. My main focus was to try and capture the event to do right by the promoters, but also keep my creative style, after all, they hired ME.

Once I arrived at the venue I was able to look around and get my settings right. I knew that the lighting was going to suck, as indoor sports always do. So I made sure I used lenses with high apertures. I Shot each photo on my Sony a7r iv and my 24-70 2.8 GM Lens.

The biggest hurdle of the evening was keeping up with the speed of the event.

Once the fights started they were one after another and I had to run from one end of the venue to the other to capture walkouts then get ringside for the bout.

I had to adjust constantly to get meaningful shots of each fighter while not shooting the exact same frame every time. By focusing on composition rather than each punch and catching all the action I was able to make photographs that every fighter appreciated, and was 1000x better than the other photographers for the event (Sorry, not Sorry)

Overall a great experience and I can't wait to capture more events like this in the future.

#boxing #sportsphotography

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