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Re-Creating Hollywood Looks

I challenged myself to recreate a look from the movie "Black Sea" (2014)

This was a super simple DIY version of this shot taken from the film, "Black Sea" (2014).

This started as a little project a wanted to do to practice lighting techniques, I have a few more copy cat shots that I will upload soon.

The First step in recreating the look from the film was sourcing the image. I was able to do so on the site which is made for photographers and filmmakers to gather inspiration and information comparing shots taken from feature films.

All the information about this particular shot is included in the description under the image including specifics on the film itself as well as the cameras and lens used for creating this shot.

I was able to save this image along with the color information to begin my set up for recreation. Obviously I didn't have a Hollywood level production crew or anything like that I just set up 3 LED light panels on stands in my office. Each light I have is RGB so I was able to monitor my frame by plugging in my Sony a7r iv to my laptop and live compare my lighting color to the actual shot.

The first light was set to a red/orange behind my back. The second was the blue/teal on a 45 degree angle pointed directly on my face. I did not use any modifiers as the lighting in the movie was fairly harsh. Lastly I used another light super low pointed up towards my chin and side of my face that was not being lit by the blue light.

Camera Settings:





I snapped a few photos and found the one where my head was closest to the same angle. From there I added film grain and 16x9 crop and thats all!

Once I share the rest of the images I will be making a YouTube Video doing a quick breakdown of each shot!

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