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Filming A Wedding BY MYSELF

So I recently was hired to shoot a wedding at Watermill Caterers in Smithtown NY.

Keeping the clients budget and timeframe leading up to the wedding in mind, It was most beneficial to shoot this one alone. I have only shot a handful of weddings by myself and since I transitioned to shooting WEDDING FILMS (not wedding videos, yes...there is a difference) I was confident in my ability to create a beautiful cinematic wedding film that the couple would be pleased with.

Please check out the final product before continuing!

The main thing that intimidates people the most when shooting a wedding film solo is getting all the shots. I did a ton of prep work in order to make sure I was confident and ready to give it my all!

Check out this post on my instagram, Gathering my gear before hand was essential to prepping for this shoot:

Once my gear was ready and charged up I made sure I planned out my shots. Luckily I had all music picked before the wedding day which allowed me to visualize the total end vibe. This was a young couple so I wanted both a dramatic & emotional feel for the ceremony but an upbeat cut for the reception.

I made notes on my iphone for which shots I wanted to take and which camera settings would accompany them.

For the day of, I arrived much earlier than I was actually hired for since I have never been to that Venue I needed to get a good idea of where I was going to set up, as well as putting a microphone on the officiant.

I got a few clips of the brides together with their families for the intro while they were taking photos. This allowed me to get the venue establishing shots before the

ceremony. (Yay time management!) I then took my time to set up two cameras for the ceremony on tripods. This was by far the hardest part of the day working solo since there was nobody to help man the tripods. BUT, with planning ahead I was able to position them where I was able to run back and fourth between the two throughout the ceremony. The DJ's allowed me to tap into their audio feed for the ceremony, but the venue took over the microphones so I had to rely on the Lav mic on the officiant , and my on-camera Rode Mic. This worked better than expected and I was happy with what I was able to capture. Wedding 101 things change without notice constantly!

The rest of the reception and important moments were a breeze. I continued running two cameras the entire night and I was able to capture all the key moments without having to worry when someone stepped in front of me, as I had multiple angles to work with.

I am very happy with how this wedding film turned out, and I am very thankful to Sydney & Bryza for choosing me on their special day!

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Leave a comment below.

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